Governor Blago’s New Health Care Plan

On Sunday Governor Blagojevich unveiled his new proposal to work towards universal health care in Illinois. The plan is called Illinois Covered, you can view the press release here and the informational website here. Also read coverage of the proposal from the Sun-Times.

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  1. curious, on 3/5/07 at 11:08pm said:

    I’m certainly in favor of universal health care, although I’d prefer it was handled at the federal level so its universality wasn’t limited to individual state residents. That said, if we can have it in Illinois before that happens I’m supportive.

    However, how the heck does he expect to pay for this, especially given the rotten financial mess he’s built up? What about the pension system, or the higher ed budget? It was recently announced that UIUC was expecting/hoping for a 1.5% increase. The media reports this as if it really is an increase—but it isn’t. Inflation on unavoidables such as health care, utilities, etc. will more than eat that up. Then you have raises, etc…and the reality is that for the 5th straight year UIUC is looking at individual unit budget *cuts*. How many years has Blago been in office now? Oh yeah, 5.

    So, in principal I’m supportive of the concept, but think he’s got a lot of work to do before he figures out how to pay for it.

  2. Zach Koutsky, on 3/5/07 at 11:19pm said:

    Congrats to the Champaign County Democrats on a great looking website!

  3. Justin Cajindos, on 3/6/07 at 1:25am said:

    The governor is supposed to explain how this will be paid for in his budget speech to the GA on Wednesday. There will be a viewing of the speech followed by a Q & A with his staff on the proposals at the new Alice Campbell Alumni Center (near Lincoln and Oregon) on Wednesday (tommorow) at 11:30am

  4. Don, on 3/6/07 at 1:17pm said:

    …especially given the rotten financial mess he’s built up?…and the reality is that for the 5th straight year UIUC is looking at individual unit budget *cuts*. How many years has Blago been in office now? Oh yeah, 5.

    Either “curious” is four-years-old or is unclear on the definition of “reality”.

    Economist J. Fred Giertz on the state budget crisis June 2002:
    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — With Illinois facing a growing budget deficit, the governor and legislature should bite the bullet and agree to a temporary income-tax hike until the crisis passes, a scholar says. “The problem is now so severe that it cannot and should not be addressed solely by budget cuts…”

  5. curious, on 3/6/07 at 9:31pm said:

    What’s your point—that things were bad when he got there so it’s not his fault? Surely you wouldn’t suggest he hasn’t made them a lot worse since he arrived… And don’t forget his pledge (fulfilled, unfortunately) to cut higher-ed funding.

    My point was that Blagojevich continues to propose massive new programs while at the same time not dealing with huge pension problems, large continued cuts to higher ed, etc. This warrants real scrutiny by everyone—including those who support universal health care (as i do).

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