What am I voting for in April?

You can’t view your sample ballot yet, but on the County Clerk’s website you can check out what offices and referenda will be on the ballot in the April 17th Consolidated Election.

I live in Urbana and after glancing over the candidates for various offices I realized that I only get to vote in one contested race (Urbana Park District Commissioner)! My school board member, Cope Cumpston, is not up for election and actually only District 7 has a contested race; incumbent John Dimit faces two challengers. Races for Parkland Community College Board and Champaign-Ford Regional Board of Trustees have the same number of candidates running as there are seats available.

Why don’t more candidates run for these offices? I think the main reason is that most people don’t even know that a lot of these elected positions even exist. Quick, name one member of the Urbana Park District Board……………couldn’t do it could you? Another reason is the length of some of these terms of service. Parkland Board and Urbana Park District members both serve 6 year terms; many qualified potential candidates aren’t willing to commit for that long.

There may not be any exciting races on the ballot (unless you live in Champaign, we’ll discuss that in another post), but I hope all of you still remember to vote on April 17th!

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  1. Robert Naiman, on 4/5/07 at 8:50am said:

    Here’s something else folks can do in April -

    On April 10 is the annual township meeting. Here we can place referenda on the 2008 Primary ballot.

    In Champaign-Urbana, you just have to show up. There will be efforts to put referenda on the ballot in favor of withdrawal from Iraq and against torture. Also, in Urbana we will try to put on the ballot a referendum against war with Iran, and in Champaign there will be one in support of township general assistance.

    The information for Champaign-Urbana is here:


    Referenda could be placed on the ballot in other townships. If you live outside of C-U and would like help organizing to place a referendum on the ballot in your township, give me a holler. 344-3354.

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