Libby Guilty as Charged

Scooter Libby

Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Cheney was found guilty today on four of five counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice in relation to his role in the leak of classified information regarding covert CIA operative Valerie Plame. Read about it here. Libby’s attorney said he will appeal the conviction or ask for a new trial, but if the conviction is upheld Libby faces 1.5 to 3 years in the slammer.

After the verdict was announced, one of the jurors spoke to reporters and said that many of the jurors felt that Libby, although guilty, was just the scapegoat and was thrown under the bus by Karl Rove and Cheney. While it’s certainly satisfying to see a high ranking White House official held accountable for this mess, I’m not so sure it was worth all this time and money just to get Libby on obstruction of justice and perjury. What do you think?

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  1. Francisco, on 3/7/07 at 12:32am said:

    I disagree. Obstruction of justice and perjury are major federal crimes, especially when the subject matter is as serious as revealing the identity of a CIA agent.

  2. Justin Cajindos, on 3/7/07 at 12:47am said:

    Let me clarify what I was trying to say. It is certainly a good thing that Libby was convicted on the obstruction of justice and perjury charges. As Patrick Fitzgerald said at his press conference today, we need to set an example that it is unacceptable to impede a federal investigation.

    What is dissapointing to me is that Fitzgerald was unable to bring charges against Libby, Rove, or anyone else for the actual leak of classified information, a crime much more serious than perjury or obstruction of justice. Libby may indeed end up spending 3 years a club fed, but the fact remains that nobody will be brought to justice for the actual leak, which is a shame.

  3. curious, on 3/7/07 at 8:30am said:

    I’m sure it was worth the time to get Libby, but agree that it would have been even more worth the time if Fitz had gotten more of them. Clearly it was not an issue at all for the VP’s CoS to lie repeatedly in order to provide cover for Cheney.

  4. Glock21, on 3/7/07 at 12:49pm said:

    I can’t consider it a waste of time or money in this case. Public officials need to be kept on their toes when it comes to lying to cover their backside. In this case we’re talking about obstructing the investigation in what could have been a very serious crime that needed to be investigated.

    Just because it turned out that the investigation led to no charges as of yet on that serious matter, this should not get government officials off the hook for trying to impede such a process.

    It goes to the very reason why perjury is a crime. In order to accurately determine the facts, witnesses must be deterred from muddling those facts, and thus aid in making just decisions regardless of what decision is made.

  5. Brandon Bowersox, on 3/11/07 at 3:49pm said:

    Most people I’ve talked with support the indictment and feel that this disclosure was a serious crime.

    That’s why I was so surprised to see a Washington Post column this morning claiming that leaking facts is not a memorable event, while other acts are very memorable (such as Sandy Berger “stuffing classified documents in his pants”). Hence Libby should be pardoned posthaste. Here is the whole column:

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