Obama wins in earliest poll

While most political pundits are awaiting tonight’s results from the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, an even earlier contest has already been won by Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

That’s right — results are in from the Champaign County Democrats’ Presidential Penny Poll, and Sen. Obama has been declared the winner by a wide margin.  Obama’s penny “vote” total came to $26.23, which beat Hillary Clinton, the next closest candidate, by almost a 4-to-1 margin.  Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich came in third place, with former Sen. John Edwards a close fourth.

The Penny Poll was a featured attraction at the Democratic booth at several community events this past year, including the Champaign County Fair, Taste of C-U, and Urbana Farmers’ Market.  Participants were asked to place a penny in the bottle of the candidate (or candidates) of their choice.  Yes, it’s a completely unscientific poll, but it’s still a great sign of support in Champaign County for Barack Obama, as well as for the entire Democratic field, and the local Democratic Party.

Here are the results, in order, listed in total dollar amounts:

1.  Barack Obama … $26.23

2.  Hillary Clinton … $6.07

3.  Dennis Kucinich … $5.47

4.  John Edwards … $5.20

5.  Bill Richardson … $2.86

6.  Mike Gravel … $0.63

7.  Joe Biden … $0.58

8.  Christopher Dodd … $0.09

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Penny Poll, and thanks also to everyone who helped staff the Democratic booths where the Penny Poll was conducted!

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  1. Silvia Baranek, on 1/7/08 at 6:30pm said:

    I just heard the teary comment made by candidate Clinton. – THIS is the very reason i would NOT vote for a woman as President!!! If she thinks this is pressure, what happens when she gets in to office and has to face a serious issue of breaking out in to war… is she going to get on the TV and give a State of the Union in TEARS? Can we afford a crying female in office? I don’t want that. I want a candidate that can FACE any situation with a clear head and save the female ploys for the boudoir! I am AMBARRASED they allowed her to make those comments with tears in her eyes. I don’t CARE that she’s under pressure, so are the men and none of them do that. She’s showing what she is… not GOOD UNDER PRESSURE!I would NEVER, EVER NO-HOW vote for her! OBAMA has my vote. I am 62, a female and I DON’T let pressure get to me either! DON’t let them see you cry!!!!

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