Thanks, congratulations, and encouragement

The morning after an election is usually bittersweet, as we savor the victories and muse over the losses. Here again are Eric Thorsland’s thoughts.

The hard work and effort of all our candidates, volunteers and loyal supporters is much appreciated. The results after the evening was done had some surprises and some disappointments, but the win or lose we want to thank all who helped our candidates through the process. If you walked, phoned, stamped, stapled, folded, or feed us, then you were a part of what makes democracy happen.

We want to congratulate the winners, encourage those who did not prevail and look ahead to the next election to put our effort out, better, stronger, and more unified. Lets look for the areas we can do better and do the work we need to do to get candidates out in as many races we can with as much support we can muster. Thank you all.

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