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Congratulations and Thanks

On behalf of every Champaign County Democrat, I want to congratulate and thank all our local candidates for their great efforts during this extremely difficult election.

Congratulations to Mike Frerichs, Naomi Jakobsson, Lorraine Cowert, Pattsi Petrie, Mike Richards, Alan Kurtz, Tom Betz, Ralph Langenheim, Chris Alix, and James Quisenberry on their hard earned and well deserved victories. It is gratifying to confirm that the voters in their districts know how to keep hope and progress alive in Champaign County. We know you will all do a great job as you are sworn into office.

We also thank with deep gratitude David Gill, Eric Thorsland, Dennis Malak, Josh Weger, and Michael Puhr for their great efforts. They knew the challenge would be tough, but the overwhelming force of national events in their districts kept victory out of reach. Take heart, and know that we all look forward to working with all of you on whatever campaigns or other projects you may undertake in the future.

And, on behalf of all our candidates, I thank everyone who worked hard and voted for them. EVERY DEMOCRATIC VOLUNTEER AND VOTER IS INVITED TO OUR HOLIDAY SOCIAL EVENT, 5:30 – 7:30 PM DECEMBER 3, 2010, AT THE HOME OF BERNIE & BOB STAKE, 304 W IOWA ST, URBANA. (map) (A minimum $8 donation is requested as we begin now to prepare for the future).

Al Klein
Chair, Champaign County Democrats