Champaign County Democratic Primary Ends on March 15

Early/Grace/Mail-in voting is now underway.

Here are the major Democratic candidates on the ballot:

President: Clinton, Wilson, O’Malley, De La Fuente, Cohen, Sanders

(5 Delegates from CD13): Clinton (Manar, Klickna, Matejka, Turner, Terven); O’Malley (Hitchings);
Sanders (N. Jakobsson, A. Ammons, Pasquini, Gronemeyer, Braun, Goldstein);

(4 Delegates from CD15): Clinton (Fisher, Sykes, Patterson, Taylor); O’Malley (Warner); Sanders (Benefiel, Lawrence)

US Senator: Andrea Zopp, Tammy Duckworth, Napoleon Harris

State Comptroller: Susana Mendoza

Representative in Congress (13th): Mark Wicklund

State Senator: (52nd): Scott Bennett

State Representative (101st): Christine Law; (104th): Carol Ammons

Coroner: Alex Rounds; Recorder: Matt Duco; State’s Attorney: Julia Rietz

Contested County Board Districts: 9: (Summers, Berkson); 11: (Tinsley, Carter)

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