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Vote Today!!!

Today is election day! Take a look at our great slate of Democratic candidates, go to your polling place, and cast your vote. This is a historic day. Be a part of it!

Thanks to all of the many volunteers in Champaign County who have canvassed, called, donated, and in any other way helped to make this a great day for America and Champaign County. I’m now off to make more phone calls for Obama to battleground states.

Eric Thorsland Fund Drive Kickoff

Eric Thorsland is running for one of two seats on the Champaign County Board representing District one. He is funding his campaign with donated scrap metals from many of his supporters, making Eric a recycled candidate who is not the incumbent. Eric is having a big fund drive kick off Monday June 2nd at 7:30am at his farm located at 480 County Road 2500 N. Mahomet Il. You are welcome to come meet Eric and some of his supporters then, as we pile the scrap as high as we can to start of Eric’s fund drive.