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Parade Season is Here

The summer is here and parade season marches in with all the fanfare and floats one could ask for. The Champaign County Democrats will march in four parades celebrating Independence Day, 2009. All Democrats need to get their shoes laced and their wave perfected, it’s all in the wrist by the way, and come on out to walk and show your support.

Parade times below are start times; arrive a half hour early to help set up. Wear or display your favorite Democratic (past, present, or future) candidate’s regalia!

GIFFORD: Saturday, June 27, 2:00 pm, south side of town. (DONE)

RANTOUL: Saturday, July 4, 10:00 am, Maple Grove Shopping Center, #22. (DONE)

URBANA: Saturday, July 4, 1:00 pm, Illinois Street & Lincoln Ave, #83. (CANCELLED)

HOMER: POSTPONED to 6:00 pm SUNDAY, July 5th, Grade School on First Street.

Please come out and enjoy! Who can resist showing party unity and strength in what looks to be the beginning of a very interesting primary season.

Early Voting

Early voting starts at the County Clerk’s office tommorow, Monday March 26th. You can vote early on weekdays from 8:00am to 4:30pm until April 12th. You can also vote on Saturday March 31st or Saturday April 7th from 9:00am to Noon. Click here to view your sample ballot. For information about those on the ballot, see our candidates page.

New Candidates Page and Candidate Websites

I have posted a new candidates page with summaries about those who are running in this spring’s general municipal election on April 17, 2007. This includes candidates for Champaign City Council, Champaign School Board, and Urbana School Board. While all three of these races are non-partisan, several of the candidates running self-identify as Democrats, so I thought it made sense to post a page on our website so that Democrats in Champaign County know who’s running. From the dismal primary turnout of 6%, it’s clear that the most important task for the general is to turn out more voters. Please read the summaries, follow the links to their websites, and help out on those campaigns you care about. Most importantly, get out and vote on April 17th!

Tracy Heilman WebsiteThere are also some new websites amongst this group that have gone up in the last week. These include websites for Tracy Heilman (Urbana School Board), and Annette Williams (Champaign City Council). I have met and talked with both of these candidates, and came away very impressed and enthusiastic about their campaigns. These new websites join those that were already up for Giraldo Rosales, Patricia Avery (both Champaign City Council), and Melodye Benson Rosales (Champaign School Board).

Democrats looking to elect like-minded individuals for these races have excellent candidates to choose from this year!

Newsletter: March/April, 2007

Here’s our print newsletter for March/April, 2007. This issue includes articles on the following:

  • Champaign City Council Candidates
  • School Board Candidates
  • County Board 6 Appointment
  • and more…

Download a copy in PDF.

Voter Turnout in A Non Partisan Race

What if they gave an election, and nobody came? In the 40 precincts voting in yesterday’s City of Champaign non-partisan primary election for Champaign City council at-large seats, the voter rolls show 53,577 registered voters. But only 3,584 came out to vote–a turnout of less than 7% overall.   In City of Champaign precincts 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8, fewer than 15 votes were cast in each precinct. The highest turnout was 18%, in CC20 and CC 22, and the highest number of ballots cast was 209 in CC 24, where there are 1,724 voters registered. Why the low turnout? Voting on who goes on the April 17th ballot for three at-large seats on the Champaign City Council sounds pretty important to me. But, hey, I am a partisan.  Where are all those non-partisans?  Do you think they showed up to vote? Congratulations to Giraldo Rosales, Patricia Avery and Annette Williams!